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Preparing for the interview

Once we have made the initial application evaluation we will move candidates that fit the role requirements to the interview process. The below information will help you to be at your best on your interview day!


Preparing for the interview

This will help you think about the types of questions you will be asked Plan good examples to use as answers and practice them so

Check the venue address

In case of a face to face interviewer, check the venue address so you can arrive in plenty of time to register with Security and feel relaxed

Ask the recruiter about the appropriate dress code

Any required personal identification to enter the facility and any related documents to complete/bring with you, if applicable

If you haven't already done so look at:

Our business model and strategy
The company history
Our solutions and products
Our values
Watch & read the testimonials from our people
Lots of information is available on

Bring ID and all the documents that the recruiter has asked you to provide at this stage

Prepare questions that you want to ask the recruiter

At Sanofi, we use behavioral interviewing. Behavioral interviewing is behavior-based, semi-structured interviews based on the premise that past performance predicts future performance and is designed to identify measure and select the right candidate for the position.

When you are taking part in a Behavioral interview you will be asked to give specific examples of when you have done something and you’ll notice questions typically begin with phrases such as “Tell me about a time when” or “Give me an example of…”.

One such example of behavioral interviewing is the S.T.A.R. method. A complete answer to an interviewers question is typically organized in the following way:


What was the initial situation? What was the challenge?


What did you want to achieve? What was your goal?


What did you do in order to achieve your goal?


What was the exact result?

Using this method as a guide to structure your answers will ensure that you provide enough information for the interviewer to be able to fully evaluate the example you gave.

During the interview

Be authentic! This could be the start of your career with us and we want to ensure we are meeting the real you and you are comfortable sharing your story!

Be honest! The interview is a two way exchange to determine if the position is one you would succeed in and enjoy. Being fully transparent in your experience and potential development areas will help everyone decide if this is a great match – you included!

Share your motivation and aspirations with us! When we hire talented people we are looking at it as the start of your career with Sanofi. We think career development is a shared commitment and value if you can show that you are ready, willing and able to develop and grow in your professional career and feel accountable for it, too.

Ask questions! As well as demonstrating that you are motivated and have thought about the position this will help you determine if the position is right for you. The interview is a conversation, so don’t feel you have to hold the questions back until the end – ask them whenever the answer will help you demonstrate your match for the position.

Next Steps (After The Interview)

Congratulations, you have just completed your initial interview with Sanofi! In most cases, other interviews are being conducted over the same time period, so please be patient and your recruiter or HR representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible with related updates. The typical post-interview process is the following

  • Conclude all planned, first interviews (2-4 weeks)
  • Collect interview feedback (in real-time, after each interview)
  • Identify a final candidate / list of preferred candidate
  • Conduct any additional follow-up interviews
  • Communicate with a final candidate / list of preferred candidate
  • Prepare and present an offer to the selected candidate
  • Communicate with candidates who were not selected (either via system or live conversations)

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